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I have a ridiculous list of favorite restaurants in Chattanooga, it’s impossible to limit the suggestions.  There are reasons why I’ve included each place, so I’m breaking them down into categories with a brief explanation for why it’s included.  The #1 selections in each category are first choice for a reason.

Because I’m having technical difficulties on my end, I’m only publishing my BREAKFAST choices right now.  Please be sure to check in later for the best places for lunch and dinner in Chattanooga.

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Milk and Honey Chattanooga by Robin Dance

Counter view at Milk & Honey–don’t you love the straws?

1.  Bluegrass Grille.  Family owned and operated is just the beginning of why this makes the top of my list; the homemade bread and best-I’ve-ever-had breakfast potatoes come next.  I’m partial to their egg scrambles with delicious mix-ins, but if you’ve never had Glorious Grits?  This is the place to try ’em.  It’s worth the wait in line, I promise!  Opened Tuesday-Saturday on the Southside, 55 E. Main Street • Chattanooga, TN 37408.


2.  Blue Plate.  The White Omelet is my husband’s favorite.  They use locally sourced, fresh ingredients & have their own yummy blend of Stone Cup coffee.  We come here after church because they’re one of the only non-chain breakfast spots open on Sundays.  The food is higher priced than typical diner fare, but I love the decor (despite splitting faux leather booth seats–FIX ‘EM ALREADY!), its cosmopolitan vibe and the view of the Tennessee River.  Whenever there’s a special event on the river, Blue Plate will provide a front row seat to the action. Open Tuesday-Sunday and on Holiday Mondays, Riverfront, 191 Chestnut Street, Chattanooga, 37402.

3.  Niedlov’s Breadworks.  Walk in the door and inhale deeply.  Walk out the door with one (or a dozen) of their cinnamon rolls.  Home-baked bread – the scent and the taste – is aroma and tummy therapy.  Chances are, even if you don’t go to Niedlov’s, if you eat at some of my other favorite spots, you’ll be enjoying their bread.  Open Monday-Saturday, Southside, 215 E. Main Street, Chattanooga 37408

4.  Milk & Honey.  Milk and Honey, one of Chattanooga’s newest offerings, opened as a gelato shop but I wanted to add them here because I love its cheery vibe.  Truly, their branding, sunshine yellow, black and white decor and attention to detail makes me want to drag you to their tiny little spot.  Their breakfast offerings aren’t extensive, but you must try their biscuits and oatmeal–no matter what you choose for add-ons will leave you understanding why I had to include them.  Open seven days, 135 N. Market Street, Chattanooga, North Shore.

5.  Aretha Frankensteins.  Aretha’s is the most famous breakfast spot, thanks to Rachael Ray’s $40-a-day visit a few years back.  When they’re on, they’re great–delcious shrimp and grits, and the first time I tried their Waffle of Insane Greatness, I heard the angels break into song.  But the next visit?  It was crispy and insane, just not the good kind.  They’re known for tall, fluffy pancakes but unless you hit it at the right time, you’re going to have to wait.  Aretha’s inconsistent food and service made us drop it from the top of our list.  Memorable name, fun North Shore location, but if you aren’t willing to wait you can DIY, pick up a box of their pancake mix and call it a day.

Tasty mentionables:  Long before there was Longhorn Steakhouse, there was Chattanooga’s Long Horn Restaurant (129 N Market St, Northshore) opened in 1959 by Bill Hall (owner of the now closed Town & Country).  It’s a divey little diner with two rows of seating–at the counter and along the front window.  This is a spot for “regulars” but you’ll find a home-town feel if that’s what you’re gunning for.  Also, if you’ve never eaten at a Waffle House, you must.  Order the hashbrowns, extra crispy and smothered but bring your own coffee; I’ve found theirs to be too weak.  Last, Julie Darling Donuts–skip DD or KK and go straight to the local source.  Featuring gourmet
doughnuts like Pancakes and Bacon, Granny’s Apple Pie, The Oreo and
Peppermint, among common yeasty favorites.  Located on the Northshore, 121 Frazier Avenue, Chattanooga. 


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