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For the month of October, I'm featuring blog series for Around/About, writers who are taking part in Nester's #31Days challenge.  Last time I rounded up my favorites from the category I'm writing in, Too Awesome to Categorize.  This week I'm focusing on the Inspiration & Faith AND Writing, Blogging & Internet Stuff categories

It's safe to assume all these titles begin with 31 Days of…

Haiku ~ Haikus, done well, are brilliant.  Jenn's are consistently good.  I had actually considered this for my October writing challenge and I might just do this next year <3. 

Quotes about Creativity ~ Kris Camealy's series is visual and brief.  A great idea for a series.

Compassion ~ Andy and Miranda are Compassion International advocates, but this series has many calls to action to make not only a difference in the world, but in your life.  Worthy of your click.

Take Hope ~ Ellen is just writing, not by formula but with hope in mind.  I clicked because I liked her blog button but her style and substance is a winning combination.

SEO Tips for Beginnings ~ I wish Connie would write all 31 days; there's much mystery AND method to SEO madness!

Letters to the Unthanked ~ Amy is using this writing challenge to thank people in her life who might not know how she feels about them.  You might not be interested in reading her personal letters to others, but her list will give you ideas about who could use some thanking in YOUR life.  Great idea (she should print & mail 'em!).

Become Savvy Inside WordPress ~ I've been using this platform for years (on incourage, Simple Mom, Deeper Story), but since my new design will be on WordPress, I should probably learn to master it.  This will help.

(Last but hardly least, if you click the Inspiration category link, the first four links are friends of mineEmily Freeman, Jessica Turner (curating for Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt) , Mary Carver and Annie Downs.  They're #s 1, 2, 3 & 4, and they're ALL fantastic)

Are you writing or reading any of the 31 Days series?  Please share your favorites and why you love them!


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