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At the risk of stating the obvious, I want you to meditate on something today:


Out of all the people who've ever been born, you are the only you.  By some estimates this means you're 1 in 108 billion. One in one hundred and eight billion!

Don't gloss over this…let is sink in to the center of who you are.

You're created in the image of the Creator of the entire Universe!

You're the only one with your exact DNA.

Your thumprint is unique.

No one can see through your eyes, hear through your ears, taste as your tongue tastes, or feel what your skin feels exactly the same way you do.

No human being who has ever lived (or will) can absorb, process and respond to life and experience the way you do. 

By design you're also a sensual being, deriving pleasure
from engaging and satisfying the senses.  Often considered only (or at
least first) within the context of sexual pleasure, a woman's sensuality
can be – should be – much more. 

We have this amazing
gift of multiple senses and it's a disservice to our bodies, minds and
spirits not to fully engage them, to operate in an awareness of the
messages and beauty they convey.
  It's cheating ourselves out of the abundance offered by God!

It's the difference between —

…walking on the beach or feeling sand's grit rise to your arch and squish between your toes

…putting on a sweater or wrapping yourself in a woolen embrace

…watching a sunrise or applauding its Creator and celebrating new mercies

…playing a song or listening spellbound to its story, shivvering from the meloncholy of a lonely violin

…asking your husband how was your day? or drawing him into a conversation about it.

Today, see, feel, hear, taste and smell on purpose.

Take in the world around you and allow yourself to engage and experience the people, places and things you typically take for granted.

Then, please come back and tell me what you've been missing.  I really want to know.

The Wonder of a Woman
A 31-day exploration into the Wonder of a Woman
personal reflections, inspiring quotes, portraits of beauty…and more. 
For brevity, I'm now abbreviating Wonder of a Woman to WOW;
isn't that kinda wonderful itself?

Accepting with gratitude and appreciation
the #31Days writing challenge by the Nester
(over 1,000 writers are joining me!).

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