Looking Out Window

Welcome friends!

I’ve been looking out the window, watching for this day to arrive for months!

People who know me well, would say it’s even been years in the waiting.

My new blog home.  RobinDance.me.

I’m still unpacking boxes; the walls are still bare.  There are even a few bugs running around.  But her bones?

They’re lovely, aren’t they?

The talented design team at Tekeme Studios, George and Ashley Weis, have created a space that communicates a sense of who I am, how I want this writing spot to feel.  I’m grateful and pleased and so very happy to have you over.

The landing page is calm and clean; the only thing you’ll see here is my most recent blog post and a slider at the top.  It’s scary to drop so much from my sidebar, but this feels right.  When you click the blog tab, you’ll be able to see recent entries.  The sidebar will contain some of the previous elements but I’ve shifted some of my former sidebar content to Pages (accessible via the navigation bar at the top).

Clearly, I’ve got content to write :).  Obviously, I’m not quite ready for company. But rather than waiting until everything is in its place, I’m following my sweet friend Nester’s advice by launching my new site now and whole-heartedly embracing the mantra, “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.”  N‘est-ce pas?

To help celebrate, my friends at DaySpring are allowing me to offer you the most insane Super Deal on the planet:  I get to offer for $0.00!


Lisa Leonard - ((together)) Necklace


That’s NOT a typo!  Fifty commentors to this post will receive a code to receive Lisa’s beautiful necklace celebrating family, friends and community for free–you’ll just be responsible for shipping.  AND, if you take advantage of DaySprings additional Super Deals priced at up to 75% off (or anything else in their online shop) and spend at least $50, even shipping is free!  To be eligible for one of the 50 coupon codes, please comment by Monday, December 2 at noon EST.

So, please click around the site and have a look-see; and I’m inviting your feedback if you notice anything glitchy (by comment or *more discreetly* by email to robin dance.me(at)gmail).

I’m shyly asking you to help spread the word on Twitter or Facebook?  I’m launching at a time when I know readers are enjoying their Thanksgiving holiday, so I’ll be especially appreciative of you helping me get the word out.  And take a minute subscribe by email?  If you were previously subscribed to Pensieve, you WILL need to re-subscribe to my new feed (and THANK YOU for re-subscribing despite that little inconvenience!).  THAT will be a lovely Thanksgifting from you to me :).

(still working out lil’ bugs like getting comments to show up on my home page!  YIKES!!)

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