Old Edwards Inn, Highlands, NC at Christmas

When decorated for Christmas, The Old Edwards Inn & Spa has a magical glow.

“This is by far my favorite thing you’ve ever received from blogging!”

My husband, on the occasion of our return trip to Old Edwards Inn and Spa


Our Wedding DayOn November 14, 1987, my college sweetheart and I were wed in a Presbyterian church on Whiskey Road.  I always found humor in that–a church on a street named Whiskey. Funny, these things that stand out about that day–

My dad wearing earbuds and listening to football games; friends and family thought it anathema we would dare to marry on a college gameday Saturday!

One of my bridesmaids forgetting her shoes.  Ohmylanta–this was back in the day when brides had shoes dyed to match bridesmaids’ dresses (which, of course, we swore “you could wear again” but never did).  Let’s perish that thought (and practice!), please.

The entire day feeling out of body, like I was a spectator to my own wedding.

Arriving at the Hyatt Regency in Greenville in my wedding gown for our first night as husband and wife.  Though I was self conscious at everyone staring, I loved my outfit begged the world’s notice that this was the most special day of our lives.

The next day we drove to the Old Edwards Inn in Highlands, North Carolina, where we would spend the next two nights of our honeymoon.

Anchored to the corner of streets Main and 4th, Old Edwards Inn was a quaint, upscale inn opened in the 30s with roots even older than that.  It changed hands multiple times before Rip and Pat Benton bought and remodeled it in 1982.

That was the Old Edwards Inn we visited in 1987, a glorified version of what it had been…

but hardly what it has become today….

  • 2013 Condé Nast Traveler’s Readers Choice Awards #5 Hotel in the South
  • 2013 Travel and Leisure’s #23 out of 50 Worlds Best Resorts
  • 2013 Travel and Leisure’s #2 Best Resorts in United States
  • 2013 Condé Nast Traveler’s Gold List
  • 2013 TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards #14 Hotel in The United States
  • 2013 Us News & World Report #3 Hotel in North Carolina
  • 2013 Travel and Leisure #4 Resort in Service
  • 2012 Southern Living South’s Coziest Inn
  • And many more awards and accolades.

I didn’t know any of that when I replied to a tweet I saw…

Tweet to @Hinessightblog about Old Edwards Inn

The next thing I knew, I received a Direct Message from the Old Edwards Inn, and not long after that we were on our way to an amazing second honeymoon.


These are the (few) things I remember about the Old Edwards Inn back in 1987:

  • Villaroy and Boch Fruit BasketTheir Central House restaurant used Villeroy & Boch’s Fruit Basket china, which I loved and had almost chosen for my everyday china (it was too pricey to register).  I considered it a honeymoon God-gift and “good sign” to see them using it.
  • Their walls featured award-winning stenciling.  Anyone remember when stenciling was big?  Apparently it was.
  • Not all of the rooms had showers; we had to specifically request a room with one.
  • I was tan and had permed hair.  Two poor personal choices; nothing to do with Old Edwards Inn except I remember :).

One other important thing to note is this was the era of film cameras; we have very few photos from our honeymoon because we were occupied with honeymooning activities AS WE SHOULD HAVE BEEN.  That said, proof positive of not only the afore-mentioned World Class Stenciling, but also my perm + tan:

Robin, Honeymoon at the Old Edwards Inn


My hair wasn’t that short; I think it was still French-braided from the wedding.

We also grabbed a picture of Tad outside our room, so we’d remember its number should we ever return–

Tad at the Old Edwards Inn, Room 19


While baby face handsome, he looks thrilled standing guard over Room 19, yes?  His mighty affection for the camera has followed him to this day.



Our 26th anniversary will be one of my most memorable ever specifically because we spent it at The Old Edwards Inn and Spa.


In front of Old Edwards Inn Lodge

No tan, no perm, and look–he’s smiling! What a difference 26 years makes!


Before I tell you more about our visit to the Old Edwards Inn and Spa,
I am thrilled to offer you this:
During the months of January, February & March 2014, save 20% off
the rack rate and 20% off spa treatments during your stay!
Mention Robin’s Romantic Getaway when you make your reservation.


A discount to a world class, highly awarded resort like Old Edwards Inn is almost unheard of, but because I believe it’s crucial for married couples to get away occasionally – away from children, work and home responsibilities – I asked The Old Edwards Inn if they would consider offering a savings to my readers.  I could not believe they said yes.   {Offer good January-March, Sunday-Thursday nights, excluding holidays.}

The Old Edwards Inn and Spa is special, and soon enough you’ll see why.  Most people can’t afford frequent visits to a resort this nice, so for me to strongly encourage a visit here says a lot about it.  It’s not frivolous spending, it’s not opulent indulgence; what it is is an investment in your marriage and prioritizing the most important relationship in your life.

 Marriage advice

Husbands, if you’re looking for the best Christmas gift you can give your wife (even if it is a last-minute idea), surprise her with reservations to Old Edwards Inn and Spa sometime between January and March.  Ask for Robin’s Romantic Getaway and you’ll receive the lowest price of the year (I don’t receive compensation for sharing this offer, but it’d thrill me to the moon to convince a few of you to Just Do It!).

Please check back tomorrow when my pictures will speak thousands of words.  Once you see more of Old Edwards Inn and Spa, you’re going to be saving your pennies to get there!

With great thanks to the Old Edwards Inn and Spa for our complimentary stay and for every single staff member we met treating us like royalty.  We’re already saving now for a future return.

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