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Yesterday after receiving an email, I shared it with someone who loves me and knows me well, someone who is not a blogger or writer.  Our interpretations and opinions were so vastly in opposition to one another, the Grand Canyon and Mount Everest could’ve filled the space in between.  Neither of us could convince the other to step down and move toward center.

So I’d like to share the email with readers and crowdsource opinion.  This is no attempt to prove myself right; on the contrary, I need to hear it loud if I’m off base.  One person whose opinion I greatly respect couldn’t convince me I was.

I don’t want to add leading language to suggest what our positions were, or how I interpreted and responded to the email.  That’s what I’m asking you to do and I don’t want to influence your natural response.  I hope to hear from both bloggers and non-bloggers, so if you read this, please chime in to comments!

SUBJECT:  Pensieve + [company] Collaboration

Hi Robin,

My name is __________ and I’m from [a well-known profitable e-tailer]. First, I want to take a moment and commend the work you’re doing with Pensieve. We loved your post on Christmas Gift Ideas for Teens and College Students.

With New Year celebrations upon us, we wanted to reach out and see if you would like to collaborate with us and Ring in the New Year with [our company]. Right now, we’re looking for top influencers like you to let us know how you would stock and decorate your drink cart or bar for a New Year’s Eve party.

We’d like you to draw some inspiration from our bar gifts page here — [link provided to their site w/content-appropriate items]– and create a blog post that shows us the items you’d use for your bar paired with your favorite drink. After you’ve shared this on your blog, we’ll be highlighting some of our favorites through the New Year on our social media sites.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions and I look forward to hearing from you!

Happy Holidays!


Got thoughts?  Share ’em!  I will join the comment thread and eventually tell you my response….


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