Three Crosses - Chattanooga TN

I shared the image online with a one-word caption.  Not even a word, really.  A number.


It was vaguebooking at its finest, bait, an indictment.  The first comment was a single-word response – Argumentative – and I suppose it was, knowing my own thoughts.

Three giants, the tallest over 100 feet, boasting of something but I’m skeptical as to what. The cynic played with math, a dangerous proposition for a girl who lives among words not numbers–

Oh, the possibilities, the tangible good $700,000 could do…

I looked closer to home, what $700,000 could do in our hometown…

And it would explode my Salvation Army virtual kettle.

When I pass under the shadow of those crosses, I shake my head and tsk judgment.  I see pride and arrogance, a monument to man, Babel’s Tower.  I grieve the greater good that could be accomplished by putting that money to better use.  But…




What if I’m wrong?

This image stirred up interesting conversation in my social networks, so much so I found myself wrestling my judgment, wanting to find loftier ground, and finally processing it in writing.  Please continue reading Crosses and Planks at Deeper Story today; and add your respectful thoughts.  

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