Life-long Learning Quote - Image by Robin Dance


It was while reading Tsh’s piece about family purpose statements a few years ago I realized I had relegated learning primarily to the classroom.  It registered as a sharp, stinging jolt to my personal sensibilities.  Without meaning to, I had halted the intentional learning process.

Through the years that post has haunted me for that and other reasons, in part because ours is not the family who does such things (draft a family purpose statement).

While I do parent with great intention, I’ve lacked the wherewithal to convince my non-blogging husband and children to do this.

Come to think of it, I may have only mentioned it back then, presuming they’d rather eat pinecones than join me in the challenge.

On one hand I feel like a failure for not having a family purpose statement – for not even trying.  But on the bigger hand…




Please continue reading at The Art of Simple to find out what that bigger hand says…! 🙂

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