Oh, hai there internet people, long time no see.

Colorful Doors of London

Well, I have reasons, lovies, and good ones.

I’ve kinda-sorta been occupied, some reasons to which I’ve alluded online, but mostly not.  For an over-sharer who lives with private people, I imagine they’re probably thrilled I’ve been too busy to write.

You know this March Madness thing? And all the NCAA collegiate championships for Divisions I, II & III winter sports? I have a fun, little seasonal job for the company that arranges their ground transport.  This is quite the departure from my heady (ahem) literary pursuits, but it’s a fun, frantic and fast-paced ride that leaves my head all spinny and not writerly AT. ALL.

Also, we moved into the smallest house we’ve ever owned, and I’m near giddy to report downsizing is a beautiful thing.  There are lots of things to do with moving to a new house in a new city in a new state, so, yes, these things make my head spinny, too.

Decorating, however, is not my forté so I depend on the kindness of friends for help making decisions.  Hence, the reason for this post.

When we traveled to London for our 25th Anniversary, I fell in love with the colorful doors we discovered walking the city’s streets.  With every unexpectant color I declared a new favorite, and by the end of our trip I was ready to build a house that had no windows, just doors…lots and lots of doors.  This is neither obsession nor compulsion–

Aren’t doors simply the windows to the soul of your home?


Now, a door subtly painted to blend in is one thing; there’s certainly nothing wrong with that choice.  But a colorful door can be the first indicator of the personalities that reside within.  They speak welcome and invitation, and sometimes demand attention.

So we have a new home and her front door is white… Not that there’s anything w r o n g with it, except it when I look at it I see a blank canvas practically begging to be painted.

For fun (and seriously, for ideas) I posted a picture of our front door on instagram, and I was taken right back to our city stroll of London.  With each new suggestion, I was ready to paint our door that color.

Front Door Paint Ideas


My favorite answer came from Mary DeMuth, because she didn’t tell me, she showed me (don’t you love her door?).  Then my DaySpring boss sent me an entire Pinterest board with his suggestion–and I found myself wanting to paint my front door mint green.

Because I’m visual, pictures are better than words.

I’m inviting you to link your front door or pictures of your favorite ideas!  

Got a blog? It’s a simple post for the day.  On Pinterest?  Link to a board.  You can even link Instagram images below by adding the direct link to your image there.

DO chime in with your thoughts about doors and why you prefer one color over another, and link pictures if you’ve got ’em.  I’ve got decisions to make and you people are very influential :).

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