National Coffee Day Graphic and a fun post by Robin Dance

It’s how over half of us Americans start our day, so it’s no wonder there’s a national holiday to commemorate it: National Coffee Day. It’s the fuel that powers many a writer and worker. The chart below confirms that, indeed, the majority of Americans drink it daily. And if you don’t believe that, I was stunned to discover almost 25,000,000 – 25 MILLION! – coffee-tagged pictures on Instagram. Good grief, we’re an addicted nation.


A few national and regional chains are offering free cups of Joe today to celebrate, with the odd mermaid logo one remaining conspicuously quiet on the subject (at least on their website).

Check with your local coffee shops, too; they have room to be much more imaginative, plus, it’s always best to support local friends.

If you’re a real coffee lover, you’re going to need at least one of these fantastic pieces of art–

Chalkboard Coffee Print

{J’adore chalkboard art!}


Its Coffee Time

Isn’t it always?


I Drink Coffee for your protection

This is true for a few people I know…and myself on (rare) occasion.


Hot Coffee is best

We don’t want no stink in’ iced coffee!

Coffee vinyl wall sticker

This is hardcore, but I love it!


Four fun coffee signs

These are fun & would make GREAT gifts for your coffee lover friends!!

You cant buy happiness but you can buy coffee

Madeja smile, didn’t it?


Coffee-espresso-cappuccino-latte print{Yes, Yes, Yes & Yes, please!}


Coffee Canvas

{Don’t you love the tangerine and Tiffany Blue?}


And All Posters has an incredible library of fun and/or artistic prints–


And on my wish list is the best automatic espresso machine on the market.

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 10.55.30 AM

This one is a Philips Saeco and it has ALL of the bells and whistles.


After living in Germany a year and having WONDERFUL European coffee…we were spoiled. Any advice on good, affordable automagical espresso makers? DO share in comments!!



Disclosure: Affiliate links used. If 10,000 of you click through and buy anything on Amazon, I might be able to buy a machine. Or at least a cup of coffee after free day is over :).

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