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Wonder & Company Merchants of Adventure & Whimsy. One of the first blogs I ever read and loved was Velveteen Mind by Megan Jordan. Megan is smart and patient, and to me, she’s a woman with Midas Touch. Together with Amy Lupold Bair (Resourceful Mommy) and Sunny Chanel (OH HOW I LOVE HER NAME! It makes me want to re-name myself “Happy”) she’s created a new site you simply must visit.

Writing Threads. I said Megan Jordan was smart and patience, and she’s also been busy. Collaborating with Heather King (The Extraordinary Ordinary), they’ll be launching a community for writers to reignite passion for the craft. Participants will pay for entry (details not yet posted), but I know these two ladies and their reputations speak for themselves. So cool.

On Mondays, Miracles and Marathons. Well, now…this IS a miracle: Mary Carver showed me the way *even I* can become a marathoner!! An impressive, imaginative way to push us toward something we never thought we could do. And the icing? It’s for an important cause.

Easy Balsamic Chicken in the Crockpot. I salivate over Kate Battistelli’s food pictures on Instagram, and when I needed a new Whole 30 recipe, this one fit the bill. It’s exactly what she says–easy–and you’ll find it fall-off-the-bone magically delicious.

The Consilium. Are you a woman, 50+ and/or Empty Nesting? Join an encouraging collective where wisdom meets grace. It’s a manifestation of kindred thinkings from the likes of Diane Bailey, Mary Goodwin Bonner, Susan Stillwell, Bonnie Wallace…and me. We don’t quite know what it is yet…but listening to women who are coming of age (see what I did there?), I’m certain we’re called to this space for a reason :).

So, Are You Working On Your Novel? Or Tweeting About Your Novel? My sister alerted me to this one on NPR. Though I have no interest in writing a novel, I am a writer and I can totally relate to the Art of Procrastination. It is an art form, yes?

The Osteen Predicament — Mere Happiness Cannot Bear the Weight of the Gospel. This kind of thing blows my mind. I do not understand how the Osteens can, in good conscience, preach this gospel. I understand why followers subscribe to it and wish it true, but I don’t understand – outside of their weighty pocketbooks – how they can preach it. Lord have mercy.

Can Children Still Run Free in 2014? Katie Fox returned me to my own childhood, one filled with bike rides, corner lemonade stands and roaming my hood with and without friends. Good discussion raised by the questions she poses, all an interesting commentary on the world in which we live.

Diana Trautwein. I’m not linking to a particular post, I’m introducing you to a particular person. Diana Trautwein is one of the kindest, most generous souls on the internet, and if you follow her around a bit, you’ll know I speak the truth. What a lovely reputation she’s earned.

Your turn: What has gripped you by the throat on the world wide web this week? Have you written something that needs a new audience? DO share your links in comments!!

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