Helpful Hints and Tips for College Bound Students by Robin Dance

It used to amuse me when bloggers made a big deal for writing consecutively for 31 days. That was circa 2009 when I was a slave to my blog but hadn’t yet realized it.

Oh, my, a lot has changed between then and now. If I started listing the highlights (and the lowlights) we’d be here for days. I shall spare all of us that futile (and at times, painful) exercise.

My friend (and former Maconista) Nester is once again hosting her 31 Day Link-up, and folks, I’m going to try to play along. With thousands of other bloggers. Literally. Serenity now…!

I’ve landed on an important topic geared to the college-bound student; I believe it will benefit many, so I’m going to try my level best to share the insights we’ve learned after sending two to college and in the midst of launching our third.

Who this series will benefit


If your children are college-bound, this series is for you. Whether you’ve got a middle school or a senior, if you’ll follow along each day (or each posting if I miss a day 😉 ), you’re bound to learn something you don’t already know. Some of the tips and hints will be familiar, but with every child we’ve readied for college, I’ve learned something. I hope you will, too.

On weekends we’ll take a break from my 31-Days series and I’ll host my weekly Around/About, linking to other fabulous 31-Day series that have caught my eye. I’ll also share links to my featured posts at The Art of Simple, incourage and Deeper Story.

If you’ll subscribe to my blog, the posts will automagically show up in your in-box whenever I publish a new tip. If you know someone who might benefit from this series (especially 8th-11th grade parents!!), please make sure you email a link to them or share on your social networks.

Your turn:

Got questions or topics you’d like me to address? I’m still gathering thoughts for the entire series, and you might touch on something I’ve forgotten :).

Are you planning on joining in 31 Days? DO share your topic!

For you praying folks? Pray for me to be consistent and follow through with this blasted series! It’s been on my radar since my oldest began college; I was astounded at how much information there is to process! And THANK YOU in advance for that support!

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Day 1: Introduction

Day 2: Part-time Job or Full-time Student?

Day 3: Why ACT & SAT Scores Matter

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Day 6: Dreamcasting: One of the Most Important Things You Can Do For Your College-bound Student

Day 7: On Ownership: Parents Aren’t the Ones Headed to College

Day 8: What to Expect When You’re a Parent of a Senior

Day 9: Weekend Around/About featuring, among other awesome links, #31Days series that have caught my eye

Day 10: Monthly feature at Deeper Story, “The Breakfast Club – the Ministry of ‘Me, Too‘”

Day 11: How to Choose the Best College (part 1)


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