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Around About by Robin Dance - Girl Power and 31 Days Edition

Favorite Instagram of the Week: A portrait of my daughter on a Downtown Chattanooga photo walk.
We saw much beauty in the broken….


As promised, we’re taking a break from my Hints & Tips for College-bound Students 31 Days series in order for me to recover; but also for you to recover. Plus, there have been some pretty cool things spotted on the internet this week AND I’d like to introduce you to a few additional 31 Days participants.

Quite possibly one of my favorite things ever. 7 Things Almost As Amazing As Removing Your Bra At The End Of The Day is guaranteed to make you smile, and for the women out there, nod your head in agreement. (HT: Huff Post Women)

With 101 choices, you are going to discover something you don’t already know in Glamumous’ 101 Household Tips for Every Room in your Home. Did you know there’s a way to make ice cubes crystal clear? Neither did I.

I’ve got mad love for Jacky O’, all six feet of her. The 62-year-old actress and model almost bares it all in this clip for the What’s Underneath Project by Style Like U. I was mezmerized watching this video where Jacky shows strength, dignity, beauty and vulnerability all at the same time. Honest, poignant…and if you’re offended by her gradual undress we’ll probably never be friends.



A few of my favorite 31 Days Bloggers

Over 1200 writers are linked up to 31 Days this year; over the next few weeks (on the weekends) I’ll share some that have caught my eye.


Vignette-Me by The Nester for 31 Days

The Nester is the Queen Mother of the 31 Days writing challenge, so it makes sense to start by recommending her series for a visit. I learn a lot from my fun friend, like her enduring message “It doesn’t’ have to be perfect to be beautiful.” Go. Scroll her site. Tell her I sent you then come back and thank me :).


Artist Inspired by Studio JRU

Jennifer at Studio JRU doesn’t have a blog but she’s found a way to take part in 31 Days. Hers is a largely visual format, with a few inspirational thoughts to compliment the images she creates. Jennifer is an artist who paints with her heart and soul and you’ll find yourself wanting to share all of her images (and maybe even buying something from her shop).


31 Days of Mom Prayers by Girl With Blog for 31 Days


When I saw her blog button (above) I wondered what in the world Anna was going say (pray) for 31 days; this page links to all the types of prayers she’ll be sharing during October. If you’re female, there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself in her master list…and to be encouraged, you’ll want to read.


Making Lemonade for 31 Days

I love Mary Carver. She’s fun, funny, sharp and quick, and Making Lemonade isn’t about one thing, it’s about a lot of things. You’ll find at least one recipe along the way and plenty of healthy perspective about life…and then some more.


Your turn: DO share special finds on the internets this week! And if you have a 31 Days going, please share your link in comments!  I’d love to check it out.

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