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Around About - Short and Sweet


I’m thoroughly enjoying writing my 31 Days series for the college-bound student, and I’m grateful for those of you who are following or passing along to parents of middle- and high schoolers. (Let me know what you think so far…I’m really interested in your feedback.) Remember, I’ll write for the series on weekdays but weekends are reserved for link-love and sharing pieces I’ve written elsewhere.

This week Around/About is brief–I’m visiting my alma mater, but more importantly, long-time friends, and my laptop doesn’t like me as much as they do. So, please do take time to share in comments some great things you’ve written or read. I love it when readers bring the internet to me!!

I first fell in love with spoken verse when my daughter introduced me to Sarah Kay’s B years ago, but I haven’t been blown away by a performance as forcefully, again, until watching Amena Brown’s Be You Bravely, an anthem she wrote and performed at MomCon 2014. Mercy, it’s good. And now I’m dying to sit under Amena’s tutelage and learn how to deliver my heart through spoken word poems like her.

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31 Dayers that have caught my eye, bookmarked for when I can spend a little time with them.


Aliza Latta - Choosing EnoughChoosing Enough. Aliza Latta is young but don’t let that fool you. Sweet girl has a way of reaching across the boundary of age and becoming a real friend. She’s my middle son’s age and recently joined the writers at incourage, bringing with her a fresh perspective. She’s an incredible artist and you WILL be inspired when you visit her series, and don’t miss her mama’s guest post…but bring a tissue.


Add-textThe blog S as in Sam proves that a FANTASTIC graphic and an intriguing series title will generate traffic on those two things alone. I’m not going to tell you any more about her series because I’m curious if it’s enough for you :).


welcome-pageGeocaching has always intrigued me, but I don’t exactly get it and I haven’t known where to start. Voila! Thanks to Leslie Wiggings, there’s a 31-Day series to teach me everything there must be to know!


rb31daysengland-300x30031 Days in London? Yes, please! My friend Shelly Miller is going to be moving there, and I sure wish this series had been available before I visited for our 25th wedding anniversary. This is the kind of thing that can make a real difference in your visit.




Short and sweet round-up this week, leaving plenty of space for YOU to share your favorite internet finds.

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