Happy Thanksgiving - The Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals


Did you see why it’s so important to choose the links you click through to shop online?


The bottom line is someone is making money and you can control who it is. Clicking through any ad you see on the internet likely means someone is earning affiliate revenue.

This does not mean you are paying more, it simply means the blogger or site hosting the ad earns a small percentage of the sale.

When you shop online this holiday season (and even year-round), would you consider clicking through my blog first? It’s a small way to support my writing and a HUGE way to encourage me!


I have no way of tracking your purchase if you’re worried about privacy issues, though I am able to see what items are purchased.

I have blogger friends and acquaintances who make five…six…seven figures through affiliate sales. Not kidding. I’m not one of them :). However, every sale makes a difference and helps cover the expenses of maintaining my blog, so I’m grateful.

Heartfelt thanks if you click through any of the sites I’m affiliated with; and everyone who shares my links with their family and friends is my new bestir.

Got questions? Don’t hesitate to email me at pensieve(dot)me(at)gmail.


(Includes Willow Tree Nativity sets and Ann Voskamp’s
Greatest Gift 25-piece sculpted ornament set
, both rarely discounted!!)



 Best Buy Co, Inc.



TOMS Shoes

(Cyber Monday Coupon – 30% off Entire Store
PLUS free Ornament on 12/1 with code 30MONDAY14!)

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