My dear brothers and sisters, 
how can you claim to have faith in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ 
if you favor some people over others? {James 2:1 NLT}

I don’t think she realized the profundity of her counsel nor the impact that her words would have in my life:

“Your convictions belong to you, not anyone else.” 

Something troubling had occurred over the weekend and I was processing out loud with my sister-in-law. She was a safe place to share, and I knew I could trust her to speak objective and loving truth.

A group of friends had treated someone in a way that contradicted their faith, and watching their cliquish behavior broke my heart.

Unfortunately, professing Christ doesn’t always inoculate us from sinful behavior, breaking The Golden Rule or being so…well…human.


My heart got all judgy, having walked in outcast shoes too many times before. Being left out, ignored, or simply forgotten hurts.

Conflicting emotions swirled inside my head and heart. I was disappointed in these women who knew better. These were mature believers who served the Kingdom, ladies who have challenged and inspired me over the years. How could they justify their actions? Was strength gained because they all felt the same way?

I was also disappointed in myself. Among other things, my inaction indicated I was more concerned about losing favor with these girls than pleasing God or leading in righteousness. Why hadn’t I been able simply to speak the Truth in love…?

The hardest part about all of this wasn’t lost on me: while I was busy pointing an accusing finger at my friends, three were directed at me, making me wonder about the times I haven’t loved well or considered others above myself. These women weren’t intentionally being mean or acting in malice; they were behaving just like I can — and likely many of us can — given the right set of circumstances.

I found myself between a rock and a hard place, wanting to do one thing but feeling like I was “supposed” to do another.

I begged the Lord for wisdom (to know what to do) and resolve (to be obedient), and in response I sensed a strong, simple conviction:


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This one is personal…and yet for every (wo)man.

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