My Favorite Things Giveaway From DaySpring

Tons of new items in their shop – check back frequently!!

I think one reason we’re more quick to offer help as opposed to ask for help is because it really is more fun to give than to receive.

So in celebration of my birthday today, I asked DaySpring if they’d let me give away some of my favorite things from their shop. I couldn’t believe when they said yes to all of my suggestions!

Valued at over $150, one commenter will win the whole shebang:

To Enter:

  1. Subscribe to my blog in a reader or via email. (If you already are, great!)
  2. Comment to this post by writing a poem. Yes, a poem!! It can be any form–haikucinquain, a simple rhyme, couplet, sonnet, limerick….IT’S MY BIRTHDAY AND THIS IS A WONDERFUL PRIZE PACK AND YOUR POEMS WILL BE LITTLE GIFTS IN MY INBOX!!! Don’t be shy…just try! <– see what I did there?
  3. Enter as many times as you like but each poem must be entered as a separate comment.
  4. International readers are welcome to enter understanding shipping will be at your expense…. (sorry, that’s the only way I can include you 🙂 ).
  5. Deadline to enter is Monday, April 6th at 8:00am.

Oh, what the heck–if you’re really poetry-shy, you can leave a plain ol’ comment, and if it’s thoughtful and kind and demonstrates that you’ve actually read this post, I’ll consider that free verse and call it a day. I’ll choose my favorite poem to win this entire, special-to-me prize pack!!

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Note: I’m traveling today so if you’re a first time commenter and it doesn’t show up right away, it’s only because I’m not able to approve it. I promise, it’s there, and I will publish it as soon as I can!! 🙂

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