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A few weeks ago I spent a weekend with my college-age son. He had been sick for close to two weeks, unable to shake what ailed him. Strep wasn’t even the worst of it.

Of course I took this rare opportunity to be his Mommy – not just his Mom – and one of the ways I actually babied my baby was to cook him breakfast. Both mornings, it was a platter of scrambled eggs, homemade sourdough toast and juice.

Mid-day after the second morning he made a comment that I later remembered when I was asked to work with the Georgia Beef Board on promoting the 30-Day Protein Challenge and all things beef —

“I really do feel different, better, when I eat a decent breakfast.”

I think he finally believed what I (and most every other mother) has been preaching for years. In this case, he was getting over 18 grams of protein to start his day.

You know how it is when you make an important discovery and YOU WANT TO TELL AND CONVINCE ALL THE PEOPLE YOU MEET to get on board with you?

That’s how I’ve been about a high protein, low carb diet since my husband and I shifted the way we eat a little over a year ago; diet, not in the sense of restricting calories, but wiser, healthier food choices. Had the 30-Day Protein Challenge been on my radar then, it would have perfectly aligned with everything we learned while doing Whole 30. In fact, it would have made it easier.

Most people concede that a high protein diet is good for you but stop short of acting on it.

Will you consider with me 10 reasons you should consider joining the 30-Day Protein Challenge?


By the time you get to the tenth, I’m hoping you’ll be up for the challenge!

1. The is a small package of dynamite.

This is the best thing I’ve seen out there of its kind. Daily emails are brief, to the point, motivating and actionable. If you’re serious about improving your diet by incorporating more protein, the 30DPC is as easy as it gets.

2.  Bonus content. 

In addition to the daily emails, there are links to tools and resources that will help you monitor your progress and set a table for success.

3. Inspiration awaits.

Need meal inspiration? Check. The 30-Day Protein Challenge offers you innovative recipes that are not the “same ol’, same ol’.” But need community inspiration? Check check. Inspiring quotes from others who have taken the challenge. Also, search the #ProteinChallenge hashtag on Twitter and Facebook and share your thoughts and experience during the challenge. Your encouragement might be what someone else needs!

4.  You’ll notice the difference.

Because this challenge is steady and deliberate, you have time to look at your own habits and to evaluate how you feel before and after meals and as you add more protein to your diet. Because you’re paying attention, you’ll start to see how much better you ARE feeling when you have plenty of protein. (Just like my son did after eating breakfast high in protein.)

5. Protein is a macronutrient; this means your body needs lots of it.

Because protein cannot be stored, there’s no reserve when the body needs it. Other macronutrients like fat and carbohydrates can be stored by the body in the form of glycogen (carbs) or triglycerides (fats). But for your body to have the amount of protein it needs, it must be a key part of your daily diet.

6.  Bones, muscles, cartilage, skin and blood all depend on protein. 

Every cell in the body includes protein in its composition. Protein is also used to make enzymes, hormones, and other chemicals in the body. 

7.  Bite-side education.

One of my favorite things so far in the challenge is a cheat sheet with foods and their related protein content. At a glance you’ll discover foods rich in protein, simple additions to all three meals of the day. It’s gold, I tell ya.

8.  Protein is a source of energy for your body.

Boot Camp is hard. Boot Camp at 5:30am, 3 days/week is harder. I don’t want to waste my time burning sugar during my work outs, so every single morning I eat one egg before I go to Boot Camp, and two eggs when I return; when I’m planning ahead, I make Egg Muffins. That’s almost half my daily recommended requirement of protein. Maybe it was in my head, but the few mornings we’ve been out of eggs, I lacked energy during exercise, and didn’t feel as good. But maybe, just maybe, it was in my body.

9.  Protein is yummy. 

I’m a meat and potatoes girl, so working with the Georgia Beef Board is almost not fair. They’re “forcing” me to learn about something I already like, and giving me reasons to experiment a little. When you look at the protein cheat sheet I mentioned in #7, you’ll realize you DO already like what’s going to improve your health. That’s a winning combination, isn’t it?

10. Bodyful Benefits.

When you begin eating more high quality lean protein as a result of the 30-Day Protein Challenge, you’ll be lowering the bad kind of cholesterol, reducing the risk of chronic disease, and reducing high blood pressure. You’ll feel more full and satisfied which might just keep you from over eating. And as you add exercise, you’re in a better position to build and strengthen muscle.

Convinced? Please !

Then be sure to (including three certificates good for $100 in protein-rich beef, must be used in Georgia) and an extra giveaway for good measure.

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your friends and family to join you in the 30-Day Protein Challenge, too!


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