Stack of doughnuts - National Donut Day

If you’ve never had the pleasure of walking into a Krispy Kreme when the “Hot + Now” sign is flashing and subsequently letting one of their fresh-off-the-glaze-dunking-booth doughnuts melt on your tongue, you’re missing one of life’s greatest pleasures and a sure way to sugar shock. I’m a fan of KK for two reasons: what I just said and the fact they spell doughnuts correctly in their branding. I exponentially favor Dunkin Donuts coffee, but I give them no points for spelling. Which isn’t exactly what they’re selling, so…much ado about nothing.

In any event, today is the much-anticipated and highly lauded National Doughnut Day, and both will give you free doughnuts. For DD, you’ve gotta buy a beverage; KK requires no additional purchase. I’m sure there are local offerings in your neck of the woods, so chop-chop to the internets to figure out special deals in your back yard.

USA Today has plenty of doughnuts statistics worth checking out; where I was sad to learn Google searches for donuts outpaces doughnuts 5 to 1. Phonetics for the win.

In the meantime, my Ode to Dunkin’ Donuts is appropriate today (even if it’s about coffee…). Hope it brings a grin to your face.

An Ode to Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts Coffee, aroma so fine,

Each morning I wake to this Scent of Divine.

We love you so much, we buy by mail order

Oh, no, could we be an addicted bean hoarder?!

Please say it ain’t so!  We just like our caffeine

From the best – and that’s y’all – you, coffee machine!

One cup or two cups or dare I drink three?

Well, if I did that, all day would I  pee!

And by nighttime, I’m sure sleep would elude

Ensuring next day a grouchy, bad mood.

But wait!  There’s a fix when insomnia lingers,

Sweet, sugared goodness all over your fingers!

Sprinkles and icing, doughnuts supreme

You won’t find these treats at your Krispy Kreme!

You see, “Hot and Now” is all they can boast,

And here’s why I love Dunkin Donuts the most:

Their coffee puts Starbucks, all others, to shame

Their doughnut perfection, I can’t help but proclaim!

An edible rainbow, a colorful snack,

Delicious reasons I’ll keep coming back.

 Krispy Kreme Hot Now Sign

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