Wild in the Hollow Quote and Review

You won’t have to read further than the first page to be hooked…


There are writers and there are w r i t e r s and then there’s Amber Haines. Her fingers pour magic the way a rainbow paints the sky. You can’t look away and you want ’em to last forever.

Her first book, Wild in the Hollow: On Chasing Desire & Finding the Broken Way Home, launches today. With your purchase right now, sure, you’ll be strongly encouraging a new author, but even more so, you’ll be receiving a gift you’ll want to savor and rush, if only there was a way to do both.

Amber and I met eight years ago, and I have her husband to thank for that; I helped him a little with The Mother Letter Project (coming in book form next year). Hers is a welcoming countenance, one that draws you in and makes you feel instantly at home. What you’ll discover in reading Wild in the Hollow is “home” is where she’s headed…where we’re all headed, really…and the roads we travel to get there are rarely smooth and pass by a whole lot of scenery.

“…I would marvel at the fog folding up over the pond. It was the robe of God, the fabric morning unveiling day. It has never been a leap for me to see God in the trees and in the sky, If I saw an eagle shoot up hard like a firework and drop tight like a stone into dark water for a fish, my heart would leap like God might actually know my name.” (p. 24)

Her story is one that affirms God’s pursuit of her, his faithfulness, and his relentless mercy, kind grace, and matchless love.

Exquisite. Haunting. Beautiful. Provocative. In lyrical prose, Amber Haines tells her story “of the God who makes himself known in broken places.” Time doesn’t permit me to say a whole lot more right now, but truly I’ve said all I need to. I’ve always loved Amber’s lyrical writing voice and I’m celebrating with her as her words find a broader audience today.

Order her book or stop by your local bookstore and pick up a copy. Then let me know what you thought; I’d really like to hear.

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