I’m traveling over Christmas, a first-of-a-kind for our family.


Two and a half years ago, my daughter joined an urban leadership fellowship with CrossPurpose in Denver, Colorado. At the end of her fellowship, she was offered – and accepted – a permanent position with the organization.


We’ve always wanted to take our boys to Denver to visit her, but it’s never worked out for everyone until now. Rather than Fly Rachel home, we decided to pack our bags and head west. We found the perfect Airbnb (our host even put up a Christmas tree)–so much better than a hotel.


It’s been glorious.


I mean, seriously…have you been to Denver?! It’s a fabulous city with a kinetic vibe; and, interestingly, reminds me of a much larger version of Chattanooga.


More than anything, it’s been magical to have my three babies under the same roof. Though we’ve been doing a lot together, it’s been the being together that has mattered most.




Christmas is a season brimming with inspiration. Though I’ve been a tad busy (going out of town for the holidays brings its own challenges), I’ve managed a few holiday haikus, wishing I had time for more. The – all in haiku! – and if you’re feeling up to it, I’d love for you to share your own.


In the meantime…a few 5/7/5 poems, and the images that inspired them, for you.


humble arrival

his life, holy offering
extravagant gift



sweet preparation
a Christmas invitation
love poured out for all


heaven and nature sing
the world declares His glory
how can I not jump?


The last image is from , a bucket list destination for every music lover.




Merry Christmas from our family to yours,
with wishes for grace, joy, peace and great love
for you and yours in the new year!

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