Salt Fat Acid Heat and Genius Foods will change your life!


After watching Samin Nosrat’s , I had to have a copy of Salt Fat Acid Heat; after watching this interview with Max Lugavere, I had to have a copy of . Both are on sale on Amazon, and here’s why I strongly suggest you buy both:

Salt Fat Acid Heat is currently marked down to just $13.73 right now, a whopping 65% savings off retail! Good googlie mooglie–I bought it at almost full price…and it was still worth it! This isn’t just any cookbook; it’s basically author Samin Nosrat’s love affair with food, and what a beautiful tale of love it is. In other words, there’s good reason it’s currently #1 on Amazon Best Sellers Rank (overall in books, but also in three or more categories). She explains the four elements of good cooking in such a way you leave with greater understanding and confidence — no matter how long you’ve been cooking! — and bonus? Illustrations by Wendy MacNaughton. You might think it’s an odd choice not to include photography in a cookbook in this day and time, but I promise: buy the book and you’ll change your mind. Cooking is an art, too, yes? At this price pick up a copy for every cook on your list.

The sub-title of explains what you’ll be getting: Become Smarter, Happier, and More Productive While Protecting Your Brain for Life. I realize that, on the surface, recommending these two books together is nonsense. One is about eating All The Things, and the other is about Not Eating All The Things, or maybe more positively framed, Eating All The Right Things. I’m trying to figure out how to approach life and well-being in way that’s sustainable, enjoyable, and healthy, and sometimes that means finding liberty among your choices.

Genius Foods hit my radar as my family was walking out my at the hand of dementia. My own father suffered from a lesser-known form of dementia, and Lugavere became interested in the link between diet and lifestyle choices related to brain function after observing his own mom’s symptoms. A devoted son diligently pursuing answers changed the trajectory of his life and career. Genius Foods may not be as sexy of a read as Salt Fat Acid Heat, but it’s an important one for anyone concerned about their long-term mental (and physical) health.

You never know how long prices will last on Amazon, so if you’ve been thinking about either of these books, now is a great time! (Affiliate links included.)


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