When I started blogging almost 15 years ago, it was a different world. Literally, figuratively, we all know this. You’ve changed, I’ve changed, life as we knew it then, has changed, blogging and the way writing is distributed has changed. Some of this is for the better, of course, and some of it, not so much.

As awful as Covid19 is, silver linings shimmer beneath its surface. Please tell me you see them, too? It would be misfortune on top of misfortune to miss them. Coronavirus has robbed us of enough without also blinding us to the bright sides we so desperately need to see. 

Mostly, I see God at work in, through, and around us. No, we cannot “prove” God exists but the planet bears testimony of His goodness, His grace, and His presence. But, I also sense an enemy working overtime to whack us off balance, snatching as much attention as he can grasp to distract us from Truth. Greedy little devil, he is.

God is doing something within me that I’m trying to understand. Creatively, it’s new and life-giving, and honestly, unexpected. I’m sensing it also requires letting go of the Known to make room for the Uncertain, and I’m not so good at that.

Good-byes of any kind have never been my favorite.

This somewhat explains my infrequency in posting in this space. I have loved and written on my personal blog for a long, long while, and the highlight has always been when readers joined the conversation. If you’ve ever commented to my blog, I’m especially fond of you. But, like I hinted, blogging has changed, and we have changed, and it’s okay to move on.

So…while I continue to sort things out and give myself permission to follow what I believe to be the Lord’s leading, you won’t see me much here. If you’re interested to find out what comes next, please be sure to subscribe to updates if you haven’t already.

I’ll also continue sharing opportunities I believe in (that may include affiliate links). A few I can’t recommend highly enough:

  •  This is a WONDERFUL try-before-you-really-buy opportunity to figure out if Hope*writers is for you. The resources available to you are incredible, and since it’s month-to-month, you can opt out whenever you’d like (after the trial week, if you’d like to continue, you’ll pick up with their monthly subscription). The value of connecting with other writers at the same stage as me has been priceless! Regardless of where you are in your writing journey, this community can serve you in countless ways (only available Memorial Day).
  • The . Wow oh wow oh wow. This went live last weekend, and over 7,000 people have joined us! There are over 50 sessions that you can view at your own pace and convenience. You’ll have lifetime access, and you can still use my code ROBIN10 to save 10%!! At least check out the site, take a look at the speakers, and read through the sessions. The messages and comments I’ve received on my session (When You’re Struggling in Your Faith and You Really Need a Friend) have blown me away. The response makes me so happy I said “yes” when invited to join this event, especially because I wasn’t acquainted with its organizer.
  • Pick up a copy of For All Who Wander for yourself or a friend? It’s a quick summer read, perfect for the beach or gift-giving. What I’ve heard over and over again from readers is that it’s relatable and feels like a conversation with a friend. If you’ve read it, it would mean a lot if you’ll also pop over to Amazon and leave a review. (When it passes the 100 reviews mark, it’ll really help this book be seen by more people.)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

I’m with my family for the week, and since my big kids are scattered all over the place in this season, this is a rare, special time. I’m spending a lot of time rethinking my choices and relaxing among those who love me most. I’ll hush for now with a big, ol’ Happy Memorial Day and a safely distanced virtual hug. DO share the silver linings in your world? The more we see, the more we can celebrate!


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