The Online Women’s Retreat is almost here ~~~

Saturday, May 16th, starting at 8am EDT!! (Well, if you’ve registered; and I HOPE if you did, you saved 10% by using my code ROBIN10.)

I’ve heard the question raised, Why should I pay for the #OnlineWomensRetreat when there’s so much content available for free? I get it; I’ve so appreciated the conferences, Zoom calls, virtual happy hours, and even online concerts many people have offered at no cost (I’ve especially enjoyed Niki Hardy’s and loved contributing a few weeks ago.). We’ve all been rattled by Coronavirus / Covid19 / the pandemic, and many of us have been impacted financially. It’s been nice to find so much encouragement at our fingertips.

By design, this retreat is meant to be more than a passive watch party; you’ll find hope and refreshment from leaders who are listening to, processing with, and responding to our collective pain-points. Our hope is that you’ll be met right where you are, that your heart will be filled, and you’ll walk away strengthened in your faith. This isn’t about filling your time with something “religious;” it’s about sowing into your spiritual life and nurturing your relationship with Christ.

What a thrill to be a part of this special retreat. My session is titled, “When You’re Struggling in Your Faith and You Could Really Use a Friend,” and it was my awkward joy to record it for you…perched on a bed, facing the window, desperately trying not to be distracted by the outside road noise and my two sons working downstairs. Loudly…

I thought it might be helpful to understand why there’s a cost, and better yet, why the benefits of the Online Women’s Retreat’s far outweigh its very reasonable cost. (Remember, you can save an additional 10% by using code ROBIN10.)


Five Reasons the is a Beautiful Investment


      1. About 50 dynamic, encouraging, knowledgable, gifted, inspiring, age/race/gender diverse, Jesus-loving speakers. Prior to this event, I was familiar with just eight of the speakers. Perhaps that’s also the case for you…you only know a few.  But if you’ll visit and get to know them a bit? You will see how amazing each speaker is! What these women (and men) offer our world is simply phenomenal.
      2.  Healthcare workers attend free and scholarships are available. From the outset, provision was made for our frontline servants in the medical field. (Let me know if you need the code for free registration!!) It’s a small gesture to say thank you for the risks they’re taking every day to care for us. Also, if anyone can’t afford the registration fee right now, please visit the retreat page, scroll down, and you’ll find how to reach out.
      3. Conference organizer, , the people supporting her, and every single speaker has poured countless hours to pull off an event of this magnitude in less than a month. She felt the Lord inviting her to this work, and now over 5000 women (and counting…!) are registered! Wrangling 50 or so speakers, creating personal graphics for each, preparing video intros/outros and subtitling, and staying on top of both speaker and attendee questions is daunting for me to even think about! This is ministry, certainly, but it’s also vocation. It’s joyful and life-giving and worthwhile and so many other good things, but it’s also work. The conference fee helps compensate for some of this time.
      4. You’ll have immediate access to every session, but since they’re pre-recorded, you can watch at your own pace. With your registration you get unlimited, lifetime access. Talk about flexibility! Plus, organizers have suggestions how to maximize your viewing, and most (all) sessions include discussion questions from the speaker.
      5. It’s a lovely way to support your favorite authors, speakers, podcasters, and even new friends. These are unusual times for everyone, and authors and speakers (just like everyone else) have had all their events cancelled for the foreseeable future. Book stores have been closed; online sales can’t always be fulfilled. Authors haven’t been able to promote their new book releases, and when you’ve poured a year (or more) of your life into your work, it is so disappointing not to be able to share it like you normally would. One of my biggest disappointments was to have selection only to have all their stores closed during at least two of the three months. So, every paid registration through our speaker links is a way to support us! I’m so appreciative for this indirect way of giving back.



~ Please pray for the speaker team by name ~

Isik Abla, Rev. Enid Almanzar, Kat Armstrong,
Jenn Jett Barrett,Rebecca Bender, Dr. Jen Bennett,
Jill Briscoe, Vernon Burger, Rev. Delores Burnett,
Cheryl Butler, Lauren Chandler, 
Jessica Chow,
Melissa Clark, Jess Connolly, Robin Dance (me!),
Craig Denison, Rachel Denison, Courtney Pray Duke,
Lauren Eberspacher, Marian Jordan Ellis,
Bre’anna Emmitt, Debra Fileta, Melissa Ice, Jamie Ivey,
Chandler Hatchett, Dianne Jago, Emma Mae Jenkins,
Rachel Joy, Dr. Kim Kimberling, Becky Kiser,
Cheryl Luke, Vivian Mabuni, Heather MacFadyen,
Sharon Hodde Miller, Kirby Minnick, Michelle Myers,
Katie Orr, Ashlee Osborn, Meredith Pizzurro,
Whitney Putnam, Kelley Ramsey, Keli Reese,
Jason Shepperd, Nils Smith, Brenda Thorn,
Kasey Van Norman, Kait Warman,
Erin Weidemann, Kristen Welch,  Chris Wheeler,
Lindsey Wheeler and Valerie Woerner


A few of the amazing women I knew prior to, and have gotten to know (virtually) since joining, the Online Women’s Retreat.


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