An Ember Mug - my new favorite gift!

Sometimes you receive an amazing gift and you feel the need to tell the world, so…

HELLO WORLD — or more specifically — HELLO EVERY COFFEE & HOT TEA DRINKER ON THE PLANET! You’re going to want to keep reading.

My kids were particularly excited about my Christas gift this year, which made me wildly curious. Since we aren’t huge gift-givers, we’re ding-dang happy when we nail it. Impersonal or nondescript but obligatory gifts are the pits.

I thought it was “it” when they surprised me with a little gift on Christmas Eve (I was the only one who ended up opening one that night); a board game I’ve known about forever but had never played. They’ve been trying to find something…anything… to get out of playing Dominoes with me for y e a r s. Apparently, forcing them into 14,729 rounds has been traumatic.

Our family sat around the dining room table playing Catan until around the time Santa is supposed to be shimmying down chimneys. Though I could’ve played a few more hours, I understand not everyone has quite the same penchant for game playing as me. I didn’t want to push their limits, so reluctantly willingly, I uncuffed them from the table and let them go to bed.

Having all my children under my roof brings peaceful sleep, and visions of sugar plums came almost as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Easing into Christmas morning, we continued a yummy breakfast tradition — piping hot coffee, homemade cinnamon rolls, and a ubiquitous sausage and egg casserole. With big kids, you actually have a minute before tearing into presents.

Breakfast may have been scrumptious, but it was that cheery and chatty time around our island I savored most. Soon enough, we settled onto sofa, chair, and floor to exchange gifts.

It was when I got up to re-heat my coffee — again — that my youngest said, “I think you’ll want to open this.”

Ember mug + Bonavita Coffee Maker = a winning combination!

ember mug + Bonavita Coffee Maker = a winning combination!


They went on to explain how they had conspired to choose Christmas gifts for me, ordering an ember mug on a whim. But, then, a few days later, one of them saw a thread of mine on Facebook, and Voila! While it may not exactly qualify as a Christmas miracle, seeing my post confirmed they had chosen a perfect gift for their favorite mama.

And, now, having used mine for all of three days, I feel the need to broadcast its amazingness to the world wide web!

Dear ember mug, you are my new Precious. I don’t want to live a day without you. Thank you for making every morning better. J’ADORE YOU! 

If •you• are a coffee or hot tea drinker, and like me, you find the need to reheat your beverage a time or three, you’ll want one of these pronto! Using an easy app and a magical coaster, your coffee or tea can maintain the constant temperature of your choosing. Actually, you don’t even need the app, but that makes it fun.

Black ember mug

~ Not sponsored by ember mug, but if they’d like to hire me as their new brand enthusiast, I’m happy to help! ~


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