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Killer and cure for under-bed, hide-in-closet monsters



Posted by on Jan 13, 2011 |

Silent shield:

Nightlight bright

Keep those monsters



15 words or less poems badge

The biggest challenge for me through Laura's weekly poetic prompt–"15 Words or Less Poems"–is to channel my inner child.  Though my response to life is often childlike whimsy, in poetry I seem to explore darker corners.  

I don't always share those… šŸ˜‰

This week her photo found that inner child!  But as always, 15 Words isn't about writing a poem directly related to her photo prompt, it's simply a stimulus.  Why not take 10 minutes and write your own?  Mine wrote itself in my head while I was making a sausage and egg breakfast casserole!  

Let me know if you do…either post it in comments or give me the link. 


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Wintery mix
15 Words or Less Poems



Posted by on Nov 11, 2010 | 5 comments

Ruby lips

spill toxic words,

thorny kiss,

frosty daggers, 

piercing heart and marrow.

Looks deceive.

Photo by Laura Salas - frost on berries


Winter's preview:

breaths' swirling smoke,

frosty kisses,

trees stripped bare–

Hot chocolate & sweaters, 



* * * * * * *

15 Words or Less Poems button Two…two for the price of one!  This week's photo prompt for Laura's "15 Words or Less Poems" could hold me hostage a while, it's gorgeous!  It's funny to me how photographs inspire me, though…these poems came fast and furious, but I couldn't quite manage a child-like voice (which Laura encouraged this week, at least for herself).  

Your turn:  Wanna try your own "15 Words"?  DO share in comments or let me know your thoughts about mine!  

Photo credit:  Laura Salas





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