Looking at flowersWhy am I especially fond of you?

Because you’re extending to me a valuable gift I do not take for granted:  your time.

I lend you my words – at times my very heart – and you return payment by visiting this online space.  Every comment, social share, email or RSS subscription, and personal email is like a paycheck to me.

To say I’m grateful is to suggest Everest is just a mountain.

I’m an accidental writer.

I wasn’t ejected from the womb with pen in one fist and journal in the other, but I’ve always believed in the power of words to heal…or hurt.

Let’s agree to use ours for good and to live by the Golden Rule.  It is perfectly fine for you to disagree with me – in fact, why would I want you around if we always thought the same thing? – but if you share some of yourself on my blog, play nicely with others.  Be respectful.  Speak in love.

You can do that, I just know it!

I fancy myself quite the blogging rebel.  In all these years of writing online (and to my detriment I’ve been told), I’ve never had an official About Me page.  Instead, I let a dusty “100 Things About Me” post do the telling.  What more could anyone possibly want to know, and perhaps more importantly, Why?!

My husband once called me a Professional Dreamer.

Though I don’t think he meant it as a compliment, I received it as high praise.

I’m one of those annoying types who sees half-full glasses and silver linings in stormy clouds.  I’m convinced most strangers are just friends waiting to be discovered.  I believe a well-constructed haiku is literary art.  I choose random favorite words.  Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion, and I believe the South is most definitely God’s country.

I’m drawn to story, yours, mine and ours, and how we’re all part of the Greatest Story Ever Told, the one still under construction but whose end we already know.  The one with a villain and a Hero we can’t quite grasp.  I’m crazy enough to believe that all things work together for good…eventually; that all you need to see that is a little perspective and time.

I’m wife to my college sweetheart, mother to three amazing children…a daughter to two, a sister to three and a friend to a few more than that.

I’m a woman at the top of the hill, twirling circles both to imagine the future and laud the past, and sometimes spinningspinningspinning to savor (or simply endure) the present.

Enough about me.  It’s your turn.



It was my honor to speak at the Listen To Your Mother conference in April 2014 at the Earl Smith Strand Theater in Atlanta, GA.

My mother died when I was nine years old, but she left me with a lifetime of knowledge. This is my tribute to her.

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