……cause my kids are at school and there is no one here to lick the beaters (or “batters” which Stephen calls ’em, which actually, is more accurate)–or the bowl or the spatula–from the cream cheese pound cake I just put in the oven.

AND, might I add, it’s just not as much fun since I’m not listening to them argue over who gets what…or seeing their faces covered in batter (and their shirts, too).

Wow…….I just got a glimpse of life as an empty nester (which is STILL years away for me). Think I’ll have to rent a few kids when mine are up and outta here when I’m baking. I much rather have a cake that’s 10% smaller.

Hmmmmm, or, I could just make sure I cook when Tad’s around.

Mmmmmmmmmm, it’s smellin’ good!

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