…and now I do, if only in part.

I’m NOT saying I agree with him or his methods. I’m NOT saying he’s right to have taken part in 100 assisted suicides.

But when you’re forced to walk in the shoes of one (or have a family member) who’s terminally ill …in intense pain…or who’s living the indignities of not being able to do ANYTHING for themselves anymore, you begin to think perhaps Kevorkian wasn’t satan after all. Perhaps he WAS guided (albeit misguided) by a deep concern for the pain–physical, mental and emotional–experienced by those with whom he came into contact. Perhaps his overriding goal wasn’t to end life, but to end suffering–not just for the patient himself, but for those whose lives were also inextricably altered. When you’re living that kind of life, you find there are NO answers. And so you wait…for the mercy of death…or miracle.

I looked at some canvases he painted, and if his art is any indication of his perspective of life, he is one tortured soul…the depictions were grievous. Based on that and other stuff I’ve read about him, he’s headed straight for hell. But, get this…it’s won’t be because he enjoyed “playing God”. It won’t be because he’s a murderer. It won’t be because he broke State laws.

It’ll be because he’s a sinner…just like me. But unlike me, never seeing his desperate need for a Savior. I am so thankful to be that desperate.

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