Yesterday was a hectic day starting with a three hour drive just prior to school pick up. I was secretly pleased Rachel’s horseback instructor had cancelled her lesson, allowing me time to run to the grocery store to get something for dinner, and also to begin the week by working out.

While I was cooking, Thomas walked in the kitchen. I smiled at him but inwardly I was thinking just how fast he was growing up and how I wanted to slow it down. I think he read something in my smile because he said, “You look pretty, Mom.”

The truth was, I felt anything but pretty after my drive through Atlanta, little sleep from the previous night, and “glowing” from my earlier work out.

His words instantly changed the way I felt.


He walked over to hug me, and this great song was playing – “” by Nichole Nordeman. I held him tight and we started swaying. Dancing. He didn’t even seem to mind; he didn’t let go either.

Even in the midst of it, I knew: this was one of those sweet moments to savor.


I’ve already forgotten what we had for dinner but I hope I’ll always remember to take time to dance.

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