God is good. And God knows what’s best for his children.”

These were the words of a dear friend of mine as she courageously battled leukemia over the past year. They were a kind of war cry (to me), as she defiantly shook her fist at the disease and the very real threat of death, saying “You have no victory, you have no sting!” Anne’s war cry was not loud and demanding, it was gentle and steadfast. Her offensive weapons were God’s word and prayer (without ceasing!); defensively, she armored herself with truth and righteousness and peace and faith.

Last Tuesday evening, Anne’s physical battle ended. As the church’s website informed the membership of this sad news, it read “…the Lord called Anne home…”.

Anne LIVED her faith openly and without reserve. Her only desire was “to glorify the Lord and be a witness for Him.” And so she did :). Those who followed the progression of Anne’s illness, saw her become less and God become more–she was truly “hidden with Christ in God”. God has been amazingly magnified through her illness in a way He never could have through her health…literally, thousands have been touched by the faithfulness of this “steel magnolia”. Perhaps none more than her husband, Shelton, a pastor for I-don’t-know-how-many years. To witness transformation–albeit from a distance–of a man already gifted in the preaching of God’s Word, is encouraging in and of itself. Their children have been forever changed, too, in a way that will affect generations to come.

I post this now to ask you to continue praying for them. Several friends have been praying all along for Anne, and now that this battle has ended, I’m sure new ones will erupt. The aftermath is often a more difficult time, so as you’re able, remember them in your prayers. A beautiful song was co-written by Westminster’s worship leader and a praise team member, and it gives you a glimpse into the impact of Anne’s testimony–listen and worship! Anne’s Song

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