Hours in a week….168 hours, for some of you about a third of that is spent sleeping (for those of us who are less fortunate, about 1/4 is spent sleeping, the remainder tossing and turning and THINKING about sleep).

Anyway, with the remaining awake 120 hours or so last week, I was pretending to be a techie. This is funny. I am NOT a techie (although at times I’m a techiewannabe).

Only because I “know” about it, I volunteered to set up a Yahoo 360 page for our newly-formed adult Sunday school class. We figured it’d be a great way to extend our community beyond Sunday morning gatherings. Again, because I’m somewhat aware, I initiated formation of a Yahoo Group for Finishing School participants (graduates?? lol). So those of us on the east coast could stay in touch with those on the west coast…and visa versa…and everywhere in between.

I do this stuff like I paint……..s l o w l y and badly. I take too long and make mistakes in the process. Sometimes I live out the definition of insanity–doing the same thing over and over and hoping for a different result.

Ultimately, both got done and it’s a cheap thrill to seeing peeps jumpin’ on the techno-wagon avec moi. Those seven, 24-hour days seemed more like one long 120-hour day, though, in the process……….

Anyway, all that sucked some serious time last week. Between it and the rest of “life” that needed to get done, I haven’t had time to write here. And lots of thoughts have been swirling around, incomplete, but wanting to get recorded before I lost ’em…afraid some are gone forever.

It was bugging me not to have something different posted………:)

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