Gee, I can’t believe I haven’t had anything to say in NINE DAYS!! (THAT is a death wish if you want your blog read. Me likey when you read. Me likey BETTER when you write 😉 ).

Umm, but you KNOW it’s not true that I’ve been rendered speechless…I’ve had PLENTY to say. Guess I’m just saying it, not writing it. Cannot seem to get my feet under me since finishing school, which is an utter irony! One of the principles taught revolved around the thought “Are you managing your life or is your life managing YOU?” Right now, I am totally and completely “managed”, not the other way around. BIG grrrrrrrr.

So there. This is a LAME blog entry for today, because it was killin’ me not to post anything in NINE DAYS (Contrary to what Wendy says, this is not a sign of addiction…or denial).

Heyyyyyy, I gotta smile…it’s worth it for the smile! 😀

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