Okay, so some of you are smart enough to consider that when there’s “one“…there might be two…or maybe even an entire freakin’ family.

We were headed out today, so after slathering the trap in peanut butter and resetting it, we left it in the rodent’s favorite drawer. I was hoping this was nothing more than an exercise in futility.

Ick ick ick! WRONG!! We went fishing and caught a MONSTER, well, in comparison to Maurice (may he rest in peace). Maxwell (as the kids were so quick to determine his name) doesn’t even fit in the trap. I couldn’t bring myself to take it out of the drawer just in case he wasn’t quite, shall we say, “done in” yet. If he started wiggling, that mini-beast woulda been airborne and flung across the room…and THAT would not have been pretty!

I’m not squeamish about creatures in captivity, in boxes or cages, or even in their natural habitats. I’ve held snakes and turtles and hermit crabs and squirrels and lizards and iguanas and hamsters and even a tarantula…something comes to mind about a Madagascar hissing cockroach I touched at my children’s school, too.

But I absolutely draw the line at a rat making a toilet out of my kitchen!

Sooooo…the gauntlet has been thrown down. As soon as I’m certain Maxwell has throughly departed this life, we’re going for the hat trick.

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