A kid selling lemonade by the side of the road.

This isn’t the one I stopped at yesterday, it’s big business compared to the one in my ‘hood. But the expression on their faces is about the same–hopeful, expectant, eager to please.

The big secret is kids don’t realize us grown-ups will pay whatever they charge. My cold-but-watered-down serving set me back just 50 cents, and I got to keep the real cup they used (did mom know they were giving away their little brother’s sippee cups? lol…I’ll return it, no need for those anymore).

Gosh, it brought back great summer memories of me doing the same thing with my sister and brother or friends. This was a summertime tradition. We baked brownies, too, and I’m quite sure we never recouped our investment, not financially anyway. But, oooooooohhh, the fun, the thrill of the sale! The satisfaction when someone stopped to buy!!

Hope this is one thing you won’t say no to either…it’ll make their day, but I bet it makes yours even more ;).

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