I don’t use profanity for effect here out of respect for those who read me and would be offended, but if I did, now would be the time!
>:-( grrrrrrrrrr!!

Got home late on Thursday and have been catching up ever since. GREAT time away for all of us, more on that later. For now, get this:

I was cookin’ a home-cooked meal last night since it’s been a while…open my spice drawer, and I notice my bagged spices look weird. The white and black sesame seed bags are ripped open and EMPTY. Then I notice the basil bag is ripped and partially gone, cumin has a hole in it but is mostly intact. The crystalized garlic is completely untouched.

And it s l o w l y dawned on me that there was a mouse in my house (*&^&%$! I threw out the bagged stuff, took out all the bottles and sprayed them down with anti-bacterial spray. Like this was what I wanted to be doing WHILE simultaneously cooking dinner. I had to get something hot out of the oven and stuck my hand in the gloved potholder. It felt like crumbs were in it, so I dumped it out over the sink. I’m not too bright, b/c it didn’t occur to me these things were related. Out poured a pile of black sesame seeds (yes, I’m certain they were sesame seeds).

Turns out, that [expletive deleted] mouse went drawer-diving and had a heyday in the process. Our floor was not yet sealed from our new oven being installed, so our visitor had free reign. I’ve had to empty ALL our drawers, run everthing that could be run through the dishwasher, wash cloth items, throw out stuff and disinfect the drawers…ICKY! Now, I’m off to inspect the cabinets which will make the drawer job look like a piece of cake.

The little sucker is playing a sweet game of hide-and-seek now, but his days are numbered. Callie is lurking………:)

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