…I didn’t like “Dead Man’s Chest” (Pirates of the Caribbean part deux). The young ones did. It was a letdown after the delight and allure of the original.

I loved “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, but I can remember thinking much the same when I saw its follow-up, “The Temple of Doom”. Both second movies were darker, left us with beating hearts outside their host’s bodies, and engaged the occult.

The upside, and there were several–Captain Jack Sparrow, the beauty and compulsion of love, dazzling special effects, and I LOVED the closing frame!! My kids HATED it! Did I mention Cap’n Jack as an upside?? 😀 The movie was an adventure, but I was slap worn out when it was over…I felt slimed after watching those icky sea people for two-plus hours.

That being said, looking forward to next May when the third installment will be out. I’m banking on it being as redemptive as “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”. Keith Richards will cameo as Jack’s father–now that’s just delicious!

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