and just generally cracking up!

So I picked this up from Scot McKnight at Jesus Creed who I THOUGHT picked it up from Dan Kimball at Vintage Faith, but I musta read it wrong. No matter, while I read those two for “serious stuff” and all things emerging, I fell outta my chair on this one! Oh, my…… you know how much I LOVE TO LAUGH OUT LOUD??? You gotta click the first link if you click nothing else. And by gotta, I MEAN GOT….TO!

Ciao…need to go blow my nose and wipe the tears from my eyes………

Can’t help but think about Cheeky and her propensity for dancin’… I know this has been around awhile–66,000+ hits!–but I hadn’t seen it before. The only thing it was missing was a Flashdance “Maniac” segment…. Curious, though, what was your favorite part?

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