There is no doubt, I was made for chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. “31 flavors” is NOT a selling point. If you read this little ditty of mine, you already know if you give me more than three choices, I short circuit. Can’t do it. It’s why I DESPISE shopping in a department store…and why it took Tad and me a year to pick out a coffee table (I’m married to a man who has an opinion….)…and why I could NEVER build a house because, oh my word! you have to choose paint colors and textures, bathroom and lighting fixtures, cabinets–type, finish, hardware (can you sense the panic setting in?), flooring–hardwood? carpet? If so, plush or berber? Wait a second, you have to start with an exterior design and floor plan (hysteria is mounting)…….AAAAGGGGGGGHHH! I gotta stop right now…building a house has nothing to do with this post!!

The lightning strike that got our garage the other day apparently zapped the phone and tv in our bedroom. I told you we were nearly shaken out of bed, I guess that wasn’t an exaggeration. Electricity is an amazing beast, the path it chooses to maraud–our room is on the opposite end of the house UPSTAIRS, the farthest point away from the garage, and yet, those were the two places it hit. (I thought Tad was just particularly “sparky” that night;) ).

Have you been to Best Buy or Wal-Mart or Target lately and seen all the choices for freakin’ telephones and televisions?! RI-DIC-U-LOUS!! My inclination is to skip it, fuggetaboutit! Who needs it…really? We have another phone, more than one tv, seems like enough to me. I’m a believer: “more” and “bigger” are not better!

Tad told me about something he heard the other day (not sure where)–when faced with the myriad of choices available in our country, consumers are not consuming (lol), they evidently shut down like me. Rather than make a choice, they do without. Looking into this a bit more, I found a book written on the subject, and a few stories from NPR aired in the past.

So, I need some help. We’re looking into a laptop purchase, and I was wondering if y’all had any advice. Anyone have a MAC? I’ve never used one, but those who do seem to have a special love thang going on with ’em. This will be used primarily by me, no business application and I’m not about to let the kids game on it. Any thoughts to help narrow down the field before we go hunting?

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