Some aspects about blogging are pretty cool, while at the same time, pretty Big Brother-ish.

If you’ve read me for five minutes, you know I have quite an addiction to affection for coffee. And, if you just clicked that link, you know Dunkin’ Donuts is my absolute FAVORITE drug of choice.

As much as j’adore 470 calories of lovin’ in a smokin’ caramel macchiato, I don’t like Starbucks coffee (g a s p!). Tastes like cigarettes in liquid form, I don’t care what blend you choose. I accidentally swigged a sip of Tad’s the other night–I might as well have emptied an entire package of Malboros in the blender, added a little water and frappéd, whipped and pureed myself a caffeine high (bleech! the raspberry flavoring did N O T H I N G to help). Note to self: next time, check for lipstick on the rim before you repeat this heinous error!

For the most part, I savor coffeetime. At home. Preferably in the morning. Alone. Half & half, one Splenda, rounded teaspoon of sugar (if you’re fixing me a cup, 12 ounces, not eight…I need the sugar, it keeps me sweet). If I’m meeting a friend for coffee, I might say “coffee”, but it means some coffee derivative, which is just fine with both of us, because we all know when we “meet for coffee”, it’s NOT about the coffee.

ALL this said brings me to my Orwellian point: the marketing genuises hired by Folgers found me and my little ol’ blog. I guess from all the mocha rants. They’re plying me with free samples of their new gourmet blends if I will only taste and tell. Three pounds: Morning Café, Vanilla Biscotti & Lively Columbian.

It hurt a little to give up my DD this morning, but you know what? It was good! We started with Morning Café and I was pleasantly surprised :). We found it to be pretty much as described on the package–“light-bodied with a clean finish and a delicate bright taste and aroma”. My only question is, what does a dirty finish taste like? Starbucks?? (yep, I’m giggling right now) A delicate bright taste….hmmmm. Oh, well, it was good. “Delicate” and “bright” makes me think of fun coffee mugs and “happy”. That works. Happy coffeetime in a fun mug.

Wish y’all could join me for the Vanilla Biscotti (a “creamy finish”) and Lively Columbian (“distinctively rich”). Stay tuned for my next Joe review.

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