PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Go back and read today’s posts in order beginning with “Hit and Run”…you’ll see a full progression of insanity that makes the ride oh-so-much-more fun :D. Expecially “Part Two”…lovelovelove that visual!

Blogger is one of satan’s minions, I am convinced of this. He looks nice in the beginning but then turns on you! Where do I get this? Scripture. It says that satan “kills, steals and destroys”, and Blogger has just ROBBED me of TIME! And DESTROYED my lucid thought. And tried to CRUSH and kill my spirit. (wicked, maniacal laugh) Muuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaahaha, but, I will prevail in the end!! Persistence WILL pay off.

Ok, so that’s a bit melodramatic, as was my post from two minutes ago, but I’m beginning to calm down. Nothing derails me like having my thoughts in order, a hot cuppa joe nearby, and then NOT being able to write!! As I mentioned, I took time to post replies to all your comments from yesterday, only to have Blogger freeze and lose everything I said. No way to duplicate it, waaayyy too frustrating, so I decided to finish what I started instead. My coffee is now cold and brunch has turned into lunch, and this will most certainly NOT be the post I would’ve written had I been able to do so when I began eons ago. Tad is going to shoot me, but he will never know how bogged down I got because I WILL get all the things done I had planned on and he will be none the wiser. Ummm, until he reads this. Perhaps THIS is like one of those times I tell my kids “THINK before you SPEAK” except in my case, it’s “THINK before you WRITE”.

I feel like Eeyore right now. <---- Now THAT made me giggle. And, good lord, y'all are never going to read me again because I have written three paragraphs and said NOTHING. But, hey, they made a whole tv show that ran for 10 years with a “nothing” premise, so there ya go.

If you haven’t read Part One, I guess you should for this post to make sense.

As I mentioned earlier today, this follow-up will be anti-climatic. I’m embarrassed I didn’t just go ahead and finish the durn thing in one writing, 1) because I wouldn’t have gone through the FRUSTRATIONS of today, and 2) there’s not that much left to tell. I suppose #1 is my “punishment” for making you wait. TIME.SERVED!

The point…the point…whattheheck was the freakin’ point? (are y’all ready to fling sharpened daggers at me yet?) (let me have my fun)

We ALL have our pain-filled memories of teenage angst. Who’d wanna go back to highschool and re-live it? I had a GREAT highschool experience, but great doesn’t mean “all good” and that’s okay. Somehow, “the sunshine proves the shadows” comes to mind. Weeds and rain make the roses and sunshine that much more beautiful; and I’m thankful to see beauty IN the weeds and rain. That’s not something you can do in your teens, I’m not even sure you can in your 20s (unless you’re Heather and you got all deep and heady and intellectual during puberty 😉 ). I could get really deep and spiritual with this line of thinking, but I have neither the time nor energy to do it justice. I’ll move on.

Do you remember the 1980 movie Somewhere in Time with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour? A beautiful love story with an equally lovely-but-haunting soundtrack**, there’s a scene at the end of the film where Reeve’s character is cruelly snapped back to the present, after successfully traveling back in time to meet his soulmate. One “present memory” (in this case a then-future-dated coin) transports him from the past to the present when he accidentally unpockets the forgotten coin.

That’s where I was going with my post. I will TRY to make the connection. Weak perhaps, but a connection none-the-less.

I had a similar-but-opposite reaction to something recently. Rather than being transported from the past to the present, I was catapulted back to the type scenario mentioned in Part One. Except it really wasn’t painful, so PLEASE know this WAS amusing to me! It was an example of a little black cloud following me (hence, the Eeyore)…or maybe a back-handed compliment…or “Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades”….

Kelly (from Pass the Torch) nominated me for a blog “Emmy” (a.k.a. the Mysterious Blog Awards). Basically it’s a ploy for a pretty doggone smart blogger to drive traffic to her site (271 comments, I just checked). It’s a nice stroke to be nominated, though, in spite of the fact anyone can nominate anybody (just keepin’ it “real”, not being overly self-deprecating here), and I was thrilled humbled elated shocked touched and pleasantly surprised, especially for the category for which she nominated me–Excellence in Writing.

If I could insert Snoopy doin’ his little happy dance right now, I would. You think I’m gonna try THAT with my Blogger morning?? Not a chance……!

I found out pretty much after the “voting” was over, and if I’m not mistaken, Kelly’s was my only vote. I did try to vote for all of “you” I saw–Pamela, Ree, Mert/Mary, Kelly, and I even tried to nominate Willowtree for “Best Foreign Blog” and better yet, “King of Jocularity” (he and Ree would’ve made a lovely king and queen). I realized I had missed Blogging Chicks founder Michele, so I was going to go back and vote for her until I realized it was too late for ANY of my votes to count. You were all robbed.

Here’s the tie to the highschool/college oversights: My freakin’ blog name was misspelled. I am NOT a perfectionist, but as a former PR/marketing girl, I HATE MISSPELLED WORDS AND TYPOS! Cannot stand it when I do that (ummm, like “grenade” got by me yesterday, I spelled it with two a’s). Not only that, but my blog name was not highlighted as a link, and it felt kinda red-headed-step-childish. At least there, I was in good company, neither were Ree’s or Pamela’s sites–BUT AT LEAST THEIRS WERE SPELLED CORRECTLY. It took me right back to being ticked over the wrong name in college and being left out of those highschool whatever-they-weres.

Now in Mysterious Lady’s defense, she must’ve been a busy girl and since she’s never heard of me, an honest mistake. I guess if you aren’t a Potter fan (or you’ve been living under a rock), you’d wonder whattheheck a “pensieve” was anyway. But still, I didn’t even recognize my own nomination at first!

Okay, I’m done, again I could make a thousand analogies and elaborate further, but that “list” is still waiting and I’m needing to hurl from all the self-indulgence.

** scroll down and play Tracks 1 & 9…beautiful!

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