It was Colonel Mustard. In the parlor. With the candlestick. Ooops! Wrong game, although the Clue format works here.

The winning contestant to my “Any Guesses?” post came in at the eleventh hour, and I must add she has a very unfair advantage. Not only is she a friend IRL, she was #1’s teacher last year, and I’m happy to say for her, principal this year! Of course, perhaps her winning status should be called into question, not only for the afore-mentioned “nepotism”, but because she couldn’t figure out how to post a freakin’ comment! (Actually, I’ve had several tell me this week they “tried and it wouldn’t go through” :/…….STINKIN’ BLOGGER :()(Keep reciting, “you get what you pay for…you get what you pay for”).

Without further adieu, her email “post” to me. I will hand deliver the prize (once I figure out what it is).

Thomas. Only he would be so enthusiastic about such a task, and of your three it would be he that gleened excitement from being the Lone Ranger! I will say that I can totally hear him proclaiming his excitement to you!!!! A vision that brings a smile to my face…I love that boy!
Anyhow, it was Thomas, in History, for mummification purposes
Read here to learn how you, too, can mummify your own chicken. Grot. Gross. Grossness. Ick.
Oh, my word! I just googled “chicken mummy” and I found a link which visually depicts this whole process! If you’re interested (ha!), knock yourself out (Kipp Academy in Houston).
The blogger gods have been kind to you–I tried to upload pix three times, no can do. And since I don’t feel like trying an alternative photo service right now, you’re probably better off.
Revised sometime later today, while my Chicken Stew is simmering and the Corny cornbread is rising in cast iron … I came back to try to “ick” y’all out with pics, still not working. Still not interested in the supersized pictures I get w/Flickr or TinyPic.

Earlier I failed to mention the Honorables and Almost Winners. Willowtree gets the first mention because he didn’t name the obvious child (well, not the second time, anyway) and thought very outside the box; Snoopy also appeared four times, a Pensieve record. E-mom got noticed because she was the closest to what was going on, and even I didn’t realize this was a study of ancient Egypt, not science or biology, until I asked Thomas for clarification. Pamela gets a BIG High Five for providing the biggest laugh. Out loud. I’ve already told her today I have a crush on her, she can make me giggle in 3 words or less. Eph2810 was close behind e-mom, had she read more of my blog earlier, I might’ve awarded a tie (E had the edge b/c she knew Thomas’ name). And, last, I must give something to Julie for trying to pull the wool over my eyes–her guess came after this blog was posted and she STILL got it WRONG! Must be her schoolwork frying her brain or something.

Can y’all believe we’re eating chicken for dinner (lol!)? Thomas is spending the night with a friend……

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