I woke up at 2:43 this morning. At 4:10, it occurred to me it was probably because of the 470 calories of death (aka a caramel machiatto, including espresso) I had at 9:00 last night. Not the smartest of decisions, but it was a yummy punctuation to the spur-of-the-moment date Tad and I had. Yummy Italian. Yummy merlot. Yummy two new books. Yummy coffee-for-dessert-death-drink. Yummy hubby for all of the above (say “yummy hubby” three times fast, you’ll grin).

At first, I tossed and turned. Then I prayed a while. Then I started thinking in rhyme. I finally drifted off somewhere around 5-something, about the time Marlboro Man was probably herding cows or something. Wish I could remember ANY of the poems I composed; I’m sure they were the wittiest, sharpest lines of verse you woulda ever heard. In their stead, I offer a few more, stemming from my excruciatingly painful manic and demented effortless and light-hearted posts yesterday…

No doubts, I’ve been driven insane.
Signing on is even a pain!
Blogger is cruel,
Makes me feel like a fool–
I’m sure I once had a brain!
or this one

I read and I blog and I think
Then write, and pray I don’t sink
When Blogger implodes,
My temper explodes!
I think I’ve gone over the brink.

now you try….

It’s time to write a new post
But Blogger’s a damnable host–
It taunts and it teases,
And rarely, it pleases

Fill in the blank with your favorite line….better yet, knock yourself out–write one yourself! They’re funny and come quickly (at least as far as “poetry” goes, anyway). 🙂

Here’s one from Pamela, I’m copying it from comments to here…made me GRIN like this :D.

There was once was a blogger named pensieve
Who woke up at three so intensive
A latte so late
with her wonderful mate
Brought out words for her blog quite offensive
POSTSCRIPT~I don’t think any of you had time to see this, but the first time I hit “publish” and viewed my blog, I had struck through THE ENTIRE BLOG–EVERYTHING, including all the stuff in the right sidebar! Evidently that will happen when you accidently put an “si” instead of a backslash “s” as the ending html command to a strike through, instead of the backslash. Just in case any of you wanna know how to strike through your entire freakin’ blog…. Perhaps that was my “punishment” for writing ugly Blogger limericks. I can assure you….I could write much more acerbically than this (thinkin’ of my kids **sigh**).

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