Is it totally narcissistic to tell ya I’m outta here for a few days? Packing up the fam and headed to South Carolina for the long weekend. Family AND friends. Cake AND icing!

Soooooooo, if you’re hungry for a Pensieve fix (the narcissim continues), why don’t cha read my old stuff, posts I wrote well before my link was given out and before I bit the bullet got over my fear of stepping into others’ lives started posting on complete stranger’s blogs commented elsewhere. Pensieve went public sometime in March…..a slow “roll out”. I’ll have to go back and do some re-reading, it’ll probably be funny to me now to read ’em–I always wrote as if someone else was seeing it, which amuses me now.

Anyhoo, went to the doc yesterday and apparently I didn’t just have allergies or a raging end-of-summer cold; instead, bronchitis. Guess that explains the lung I coughed up. No worries, the process of poisoning those nasty little germs is well underway.

Have a great coupla days and I’ll play catch up on Tuesday…after an hour and a half with the dentist :/.

Oh, be sure to check out the Blogging Chicks carnival; it’ll be posted sometime Sunday :).

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