I am living out of a suitcase. In my home. I can’t find things. In my home. I had to use my kids’ strawberry all-in-one shampoo/conditioner, and that made my skin crawl, not so much the “strawberry” part, but for some reason, those shampoo/conditioners are an anathema to me. Kind of like peanut butter and jelly swirled in a jar or cheese that squirts out of a can–some things just shouldn’t ought to be, regardless of convenience.

We’re having our circa-1980 bathroom remodeled and it has me in a tizz. (oooo, that word was FUN to write! Although I’ve said it for a lifetime, that was the first time I ever wrote it 🙂 ). When we bought this house three years ago, we were thrilled to have a h u g e master bathroom; in our previous house, the bathroom was slightly larger than the size of a telephone booth. I’m not kidding, when you were sittin’ on the throne, your knees were crammed against the wall (I’m not sure Tad used our bathroom for serious “business”). The shower was proportionally bigger, but again, in our new house the bathroom is generous. Interestingly, the shower was tiny, you could barely turn around in it, which has always been odd to me because 1) the people who lived here previously were, ummm, bigger than me and 2) have I mentioned the bathroom itself is B I G?? Tiny shower + wide open spaces, has NEVER added up to me.

Anyway, since we’ve decided we’re staying in Tennessee a bit longer (wink, wink), we’re doing what we’ve wanted to do since taking our first shower–we Tad ripped that sucker out (it’s in pieces on my front porch, under our house somewhere, at the dump….) and hard work (his) never felt better. Why stop there? he also tore out our existing cabinets, and they, too, are in pieces in our garage, on the side porch, in the neighbor’s yard…I’m not sure where all the bones are buried.

We do have new cabinets that arrived with only a few flaws (holes for the shelves were missing in one :/), and the shower is about halfway through the process. I keep standing in the frame and pretending to shave my legs (if you saw Willowtree’s post/picture, you know I NEED to), and my backside isn’t touching the glass (if there was any) of the opposite wall–waahoo! Exciting times are a’coming.

BUT…until then…I’m using my kids’ bathroom and toting my “necessities” in an overnight bag. That’s fine for a weekend, or even a week, but I guess I’m just missing everything having a spot. Take it out, put it away, take it out put it away. I haven’t tweezed my eyebrows in a few weeks now and I think Helga’s unibrow is beginning to find its way to my place :/.

Oh, yeah, and there’s that “using someone else’s shower” thing. Just a change of venue gives you a new perspective and opens your eyes in ways they had been previously (mercifully) veiled. Stepping out of their shower, you HAVE to see yourself in a large mirror. Ugh….. I could’ve kept the tiny shower to have avoided that :/. It is not wise at my age to give up exercise, no matter how minimally I was doing it. Now, I can see the difference although my jeans have been trying to squeeze this information into my mind for weeks. I ignored them, I cannot ignore the mirror.

So there ya go, Reason #2 I ain’t quite right these days, I’m sure I could write about a dozen more, but I really don’t wanna scare you away. Even if Halloween is just around the corner :).

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