If Blogger hadn’t uploaded that image just now, I swear I would’ve gone postal.

At this minute, I am doing something I never thought I’d do in a million years.

I am blogging at a Krystal…and with one hand, flashing the “L” loser sign above my forehead…all the while, thanking God for Wi-Fi at fast food restaurants near my home. I am one of those people you’ve seen–and thought quite pathetic–before, wondering WHY they would have need to surf the net from a burger joint. Noooo, it can’t be an ultra cool coffee shop because they’re just too far away…it’s Krystal. Their square green burgers scare me now, although as a child, they were my favorite, maybe because of their diminutive size or novel shape. I felt obligated to buy something, so I opted for a butter biscuit and Minute Made original. The lard is coating the roof of my mouth, the OJ helps cut the grease.

I wasn’t able to connect from home this morning, we’ve had steady rain since yesterday afternoon and our server is down for some reason (not sure if there’s a connection). Tad finds this amusing. I, as you might suspect, do not.

I’m NOT just here to blog; I’m actually working on a newsletter that needs to be started AND finished today, and there’s some info I had to pick up from the net. I figured while I was here, I’d sneak in a post or two. And check emails and see if Pensieve was still operational. The beast must be fed, as you well know.

I can hear your haughty laughter. You’re better than me, I sense your air of superiority. And I’m sure you’d NEVER be caught dead doing what I’m doing.

But you might just be caught alive ;).

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