…but still, I know what I like, and the older I get, the less I’m tied to specific genres. You won’t find me listening to rockabilly, gansta rap or heavy metal, but other than that, I’m pretty open. The 90s are pretty much a blur, don’t think I listened to much of anything then, guess I was having babies and running my tail off and oh, yeah, talk radio more than anything (or CCM).

Since my kids are flooding their ears & minds with all things iPod, I’m encouraging balance in what they’re listening to. We bought two CDs Friday, and I have to say, I’M loving both of them, pretty much every track, and better yet, THEY’RE loving both of them (although maybe not every song).

One is Hawk Nelson’s “Smile, It’s the End of the World. Man, it’s good for car dancin’ (which my kids secretly love about me…UNLESS somebody ELSE sees me). It’s fun and fast-paced and all things pop-punk ought to be. Hawk Nelson is packaged as a Christian band, but their lyrics aren’t expressly “Christian”…no real references to God or Jesus, but honestly, I’m over 40 and my eyes are failing the stinkin’ print was so small on their CD jacket I didn’t have the patience to read their lyrics all the way through. When asked in an interview if they were getting tired of the demands of the music scene, I was MUCH amused with their answer, “…it’s been our dream since we were kids…”. Ummm, someone tell them that anyone who says “… we’re all super passionate…”, “super” anything, IS still a kid.

The other gem I picked up is Starfield’s “Beauty in the Broken”. I bought it after hearing (and really liking) “My Generation”; that song was strong enough to get my money. I like their sound, but gee, I was so glad I didn’t read this before I bought it, it might’ve preempted the purchase…my, my, Russ was NOT kind to them. We noticed their similarities to other artists, but that’s alright by me. It’s very worshipful (is that a word)…hmmm, car worshippin’…works for me :).

Click both the album links, select “Play All” and give ’em a chance. You can listen while you blog (that’s what I’m doing right now 🙂 ).

Heyyyyy, I just thought of something, with my free Folgers gourmet coffee samples, maybe we could score advance copies of CDs.

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