So, I’m minding my own business, checking what y’all had to say before I went to bed (following Grey’s Anatomy and a lovely date night with my hubby…) and I saw that someone had done a Blogger search of “SWEET HOT MOMS” and found my post from earlier today…here’s what was picked up and I’ve highlighted the words that were highlighted:

“They beg for hot chocolate, with equal amounts of cocoa and whipped cream in … and I wanted to hold her daughter to give that mom a break (she was … I bit my tongue before saying something smart about him taking his own sweet time”

I mean, I ASKED for it when I naively entitled one of my posts “oot-Fay etishes-Fay and a Dream Job (which I later changed to “Foot Fascination…” but I did NOT ask for it with a post titled “8 Seconds . Which makes me wonder, what in the ha-el are people thinking?! F r e a k s ….>:(

And it also makes me wonder, what are the oddest/freakiest/scariest/funniest things people haved googled/searched to find your blogs?

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