…and, to be honest, there were more than a few “back then” that I remember thinking would’ve been nice to have others’ thoughts on (listed below by month/title). Gosh, I was melodramatic at times :/.

Haven’t read emails (yet) to see where y’all have been with this, but if you’re playing along, thanks.

Contest ends on THIS Friday at midnight (EST). I’ll read through any comments over the weekend and letcha know the results sometime Monday.

September ’05 (Sometimes there are no answers, Who’s your Katrina?)
October ’05 (My DC Top Ten, only because I loved remembering it again 🙂 )
November ’05, had to lol, there’s only one post!
December ’05 (I Never Thought I’d “Get” Jack Kevorkian, This is what I feel like)
January ’06 (All American Rejects…and Bonhoeffer???, Second 1/25 post, evidently stemming from stuff with my dad; What in the Ha-el is in THAT jar? A Partial View)
February ’06 (A GREAT Valentine’s Day, What 12 Would You Choose)
March ’06 (Sometimes it takes very little, BFF, Jesus is NOT my Best Friend!)

That’s enough of my opinion…back off to do that thang I’m doing :).

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