My week’s off to a good start. Since Monday’s are statistically the highest-rated day for heart attacks, I’ll take it with a smile.

The boys had good sports weekends (Stephen scored five goals over the course of a weekend soccer tourney–two wins, one loss; and Thomas recovered an onside kick, although his team played valiantly in a losing cause.). Yesterday was one of those good/bad/smokin’ finish days, it’d make a decent post (especially with me playing the Drama Queen), but it’s one of those family things, and I think I’ll spare airing the laundry. Because I want to stay married. And I don’t want my kids shopping the “new mom” store for a replacement…!

Anyways, Kelly’s been talking about me behind my back, and I have to say, I LIKE it when that woman does that :). She’s a contemplative thinker, a great cheerleader, generous in thinking of others, and an open and positive writer. Check out my right sidebar, I have a new button-thingy thanks to her :). She’s ONE of the reasons I’m high steppin’ today.

The OTHER reason is pictured at your left. Thanks to Jules @ Everyday Mommy I have a new header, and soon, thanks to Susie at Bluebird Blogs you won’t recoginze “PENSIEVE” when you visit. Getting excited…..! Stay tuned, I’ll be serving something yummy :D.

P.S. Does ANYBODY know how to spell “cercie”? “Sircee”? “Sursey”? You know, a little surprise you weren’t expecting. I just GOTTA know how to spell it.

Want further info about surcies? Be sure to visit my current blog by CLICKING HERE :).

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